Lotos LTP5000D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Review

Lotos LTP5000D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Review

An Introduction

The Lotos LTP5000D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter is one of the absolute best with regards to convenient plasma cutters. It uses an air blower (excluded) and can undoubtedly slice through an assortment of metals including compound steel, hardened steel, copper, mellow steel, and aluminium.  The light can cause cut without having to be in contact with the metal, which makes it perfect for slicing through rusted or painted materials and produce high quality weld. As a result of its MOSFET transistor, which produces uniform yield, the unit can make clean slices through more slender materials, yet is additionally ready to convey enough capacity to slice through thicker materials. The pilot curve delivers less slag, lessening clean up. It is a double voltage unit, working on either 110 or 220 V, 50/60 Hz.

Reasons to buy

  • The Lotos LTP5000D is an economical option in contrast to a lot higher valued plasma cutters.
  • It can play out the cutting errands that most broad clients need to perform without issue. It can slice materials from ½ inch to ¾ inch, contingent upon material and application.
  • The plasma light accompanies a 9-ft hose. 5-in. Long and has a three-stick end association.
  • It accompanies one spout, terminal, and cup previously introduced on the unit burn. What’s more, the included ground clasp has a 2-inch max cinch width and is 6-ft — 8-in long with its joined link.
  • The air controller (included) utilizes a simple to peruse check, showing pneumatic stress estimations from 0 to 150 psi. It very well may be mounted to a divider by using the section that is likewise included.


The unit accompanies a fantastic rundown of parts in the case: the Lotos LTP5000D plasma shaper, plasma burn with a lot of one spout, cathode, and cup introduced; ground cinch and link, pneumatic stress controller, divider mounting section for gaseous tension controller, air hose, 2 air hose couplers, and 2 air hose clips.


    • It is less costly than different cutters in this class.
    • It comes with a 1-year guarantee, superior to most.
    • It uses 110 or 220 power.
    • It is very convenient for simple development and use.
    • It comes with a solid conveying handle.
    • It is simple to set up, easy to utilize.
    • It is easy to peruse and get checks.
    • It makes exact slices through more thin materials.
    • The manufacturer offers free, online instructional exercises.


The Negatives

    • It does not accompany a 110 Volt braid (sold independently).
    • The provided air hose might be challenging to seal.
    • The torch trigger isn’t monitored.



Type of buyer

The Lotos LTP5000D is a better alternative for anyone who is doing crafts, arts, or decorative metalwork, check out this guide for more information. While the Lotos LTP5000D isn’t intended for industrial, heavy-duty use, it is impressive enough for the individuals who do littler cutting jobs. Would be a solid match for farms, cultivates, and is particularly appropriate for the individuals who need to convey their shaper with them to the worksite.

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